Frequently Asked Questions

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General Questions

U is the first creator platform for bootcamps. Easily build, sell, and run your own bootcamp on one platform. Bootcamps on U are cohort-based courses, delivered live and/or on-demand.
Forget about having to use 10+ different tools or a pro to piece things together. U is everything you need to launch your knowledge side hustle or business in one easy to use tool.

Bootcamps on U are cohort-based courses that can be delivered over a single day, weekend, multiple weeks, or multiple months.
They are often taught live and have live office hours, but can also be pre-recorded.
We created all these features since many creators prefer to teach live, while others prefer to offer on-demand classes that include live office hours, where they answer questions from participants.

Signing up as a creator, launching, and hosting bootcamps and classes is free, with no limits. There are no monthly fees or paid subscriptions required to use U as a creator. We only make money when you do.

U earns money when creators earn money. We only keep 10% from charged bootcamps, classes, and monthly passes.

You can do so using our mobile app. It can be used to attend or host live and on-demand bootcamps and classes, message classmates, and more.

Search U on the Apple App Store.

U for Android is coming soon..

For Creators

Yes! Anybody! We encourage all creators to join us and non-creators to give us a try.

U has no limits on what topics you can teach, just make sure you don’t teach anything that is illegal.

The U platform is supported on any modern web browser, we recommend Chrome. If you’re on mobile, we suggest you download our mobile app.

Search U on the Apple App Store.

U for Android is coming soon..

The price you set for your products is completely up to you. You know your audience better than anyone else.
Although, to maximize the number of participants that enroll on your bootcamps and classes, we recommend you to set fair prices. We are known for being a better and affordable option to in person bootcamps after all.

For Learners

For class links:
1. Click link
2. Click continue button
3. Fill out sign up form
4. Click continue button

For in platform classes:
1. Click class
2. Click continue button
3. Fill out sign up form
4. Click continue button

The U platform enables creators to teach hundreds of topics, ranging from cooking to coding.

Feel free to browse our featured bootcamps on our homepage.

Once you enroll in a bootcamp or a class, you will receive a reminder via email approximately 1 hour before it starts. In addition, you can access your bootcamps and classes from your U dashboard. Simply sign in and navigate to the dashboard.

You will miss part of the class, but you’re welcome to ask “what did I miss” in the class chatroom, and the instructor and/or other learners will respond to you. In addition, most creators allow you to access the recording once the class is over.

For Investors/Press

We get this question a lot. We are not publicly fundraising at this time but if you are a Creator and an accredited investor, we’d love to hear from you. Please reach out to our founder and CEO Elmer Morales via email (elmer @ our domain name).

We have a press kit available that contains logos, team photos and screenshots of the U platform. Please click this to access it on Dropbox.

We’d love to hear from you and are happy to answer any questions or make our founder available for an interview. Please get in touch with us via email at
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