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Reimagining education so every individual can realize their full potential regardless of socioeconomic status.




530 Technology Dr, Irvine, CA 92618

U is a startup on a mission to disrupt education by helping build a decentralized creator economy. It was incubated at Koder in 2020 and is based in Irvine, California.

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Meet The Founding Team

The team behind U brings deep expertise as creators, building scalable software platforms for companies like Microsoft, Accenture and Koder and training thousands of coders on the side.

Elmer Morales
CEO / Founder
Ashley Pearson
Creative Director
Mark Lee
Software Architect
Ben Wasserman
Software Engineering Lead
Kevin Ngo
Software Engineer
Arianna Mena
Special Projects Coordinator
Joe Silva
IT Systems Engineer
Elizabeth Moledo
Quality Assurance

Our Story

Traditional Coding Bootcamps Suck

While running Koder, our founders vetted tens of thousands of coders and saw first hand how the majority of those coming from coding bootcamps were unqualified yet in debt by tens of thousands of dollars.

Early Concepts

Due to the global COVID-19 pandemic, the world was forced to go remote. The U team begins reimagining the future of education, creating and validating early product concepts.

March 2020
July 2020
U, Inc Is Born

U is incorporated as a standalone company and continues to aggressively build the product team. An early adopter group of creators is formed.

Alpha 1 Ships / First Mini Bootcamp

U ships a technical preview of the platform (alpha 1) and hosts the first mini bootcamp, a 2-week cohort-based course teaching teens and young adults how to code.

September 2020
December 2020
Alpha 2 Ships (Private Beta)

The next version of the platform ships to dozens of creators in a private beta. This version introduces support for on-demand courses and class recordings in addition to live.

Public Beta Is Live

U is first to market, publicly launching the first self-service platform that enables anyone to host their own bootcamp, or cohort-based course.

July 2021


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